Gone but Not forgotten

Compass Rose, 2013-2013, Bay Mare
(Stand and Deliver x Carlyle Mary Rose)

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We are deeply saddened by the humane euthanizing of Compass Rose. We are heart broken on the death of this sweet and loving filly, who had so much promise. We are so very sorry for Mary Kuhn's loss. Mary chose Compass Rose for her pedigree, and her beauty. Mary was so looking forward to watching Compass Rose grow and romp through the pastures of Woodhill.

H. A. Kitty Harris- 1971 - 2005, Chestnut Mare
(Bald Mt. Fireglow x Williams Wales Lady)

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"Kitty" was our first Morgan, Purchased in January, 1974. She was brought to Long Island from Sterling, NY, and the farm of Halley A. Sweeting. She resided at Holly Hill Farm, St. James, NY through the summer of 1987, when she and her life long companion, Arnona Cathleen, were moved to Bath, NY, Havens' Stocking Creek Morgans, where she remained until her death on August 3, 2005.

"Kitty" and Marion were favorites on the trails of the Weld Preserve in Nissequogue, located on the North shore of Long Island. And, with Joe on the Carriage trails in the preserve, or the roadways of the Incorporated Village of Nissequogue. Her flaxen mane and tail, white blaze, and white socks made her a stand out whether under saddle or in harness. Her gentle demeanor, and personality made all love her. She was the type of horse that loved children, and was among the first Morgans to be used in a therapy program with a Down Syndrome adult.

"Kitty" was of old Morgan type with royal Morgan breeding. Even at 34 years, "Kitty" was a special girl.

Arnona Cathleen - 1975-2011, Bay Mare
(Bald Mt. Fire Glow x Arnona Chloe L.)

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On May 23, 2011, "Cathleen" was humanely euthanized. "Cathleen" was the Grand Dam of our herd and held the distinction of being the oldest Morgan listed in the 2010-2011 NYSMHS Membership Directory. She was also one of the few remaining Morgans to carry the prefix of George and Mary Arnold's Arnona Farm, Kanona, New York. "Cathleen" was also one of the few survivors of EPM, diagnosed in 2005 in her thirtieth year with the disease, she was treated with Bayer Marquis, one of the first to receive the drug. "Cathleen" emerged from the disease to enjoy many more Springs.

Though shown only one time as a four-year old at an Hunter Jumper Open Show held at Blydenburgh Park, Smithtown, Long Island, New York, "Cathleen" came home with the blue ribbon in her qualifying class and took the Reserve Championship behind a warmblood. Quite a feat, when you consider that few exhibitors participating in the event had any understanding of what a Morgan could do. Standing a full 15.3, with a beautiful bay coat, "Cathleen" looked every bit the show horse she was bred to be. On that warm spring day, "Cathleen" turned many heads in the Hunter Pleasure division classes.

"Cathleen" shared a paddock and a neighboring stall for most of her life with her half-sister H.A. Kitty Harris. She was a true Morgan in every way. Her stamina brought her through two bouts of colic, one as a six year old and another in her 36th year. "Cathleen" wanted to experience one more spring and the green grass she so loved.

Century Spitfire - 1987 - 2010, Chestnut Mare
( Wham Bam Command x Legacys Radiant Joy )

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Looking at "Spit" one quickly realized you were in the presence of Morgan royalty. She was a daughter of Wham Bam Command and possessed triple Trophy pedigree. Century Spitfire was the perfect horse; gentle and loving.

Century Spitfire's show career came abruptly to an end shorty after taking the Junior Horse English Pleasure Championship at Northampton with Joan Lorie at the reins, when only four. The quick end to her show career was the result of an injury sustained in competition at Jubilee in August of that year.

Though only 23, "Spit" would set her head and waive her tail to let you know that she was her father's daughter. With us only five years, "Spit" was very much the star among with the younger horses in the herd. The Grand Dam; so to speak. Sadly, we lost her on July 6, 2010 from a ruptured kidney. At the time of her death, she was in foal to JDS Legal Enforcer. The addition of JDS Spirit of the Century, "Remi" was because of his pedigree. "Remi" is 3/4 pedigree of what her foal would have been. We chose "Remi" because of his close breeding to Century Spitfire. JDS Spirit of the Century has Spit's coloring, gentle demeanor, loves people, is inquisitive, and extremely smart.

Seaway Admiral - 1992 - 2008, Black Gelding
( Immortal Command x Saddleback Superette )

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"Willie" will forever be remembered as "the black Morgan that could do just about anything!" He enjoyed a long standing career in the show arena excelling in the Western and Hunter Pleasure divisions. As a weanling and yearling he was shown In-Hand by Lynn and Kathleen Peeples.

Tragically, "Willie" was mortally wounded in a fall and was humanely euthanized on December 2, 2008.

The Seaway Admiral "Willie" Junior Exhibitor Award is given yearly to the Junior Exhibitor rider/horse team who has earned the most points at three of the NYSMHS shows; WNY, CNY, and NY Regional. If the Junior Exhibitor does not show at the WNY show, points earned at the NY Breeder's Show can be substituted.






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